Four Steps To Your Ultimate Brow Look

Great brows have always been a fashion statement, despite the differing styles over the decades.

So we’re sharing our top tips to creating the best brows to suit you without all the fuss of hundreds of products and tools.

It’s all in the product.

You can ace a brow look with one product, it’s all in the knowledge and technique. There is no right or wrong product to use, but if you’re after the easiest to apply we suggest starting with an eyeshadow. Shadow is easily blended or removed when mistakes happen and doesn’t create as a harsh a line as other products, making them a better option when you’re rushing in the morning. Just make sure the shadow you are using is matte – unless you’re going for a sparkly brows!

Choose the right colour.

While we are quite partial to the chic ‘dark brows, blonde hair’ look (when done properly) the general rule is to usually stay within one shade darker or light than your natural colour. If you have pale or very blonde brows, you may need to go up to two shades darker, depending on the look you’re going for.

The important thing to remember when choosing your colour is that any shade will double in intensity once applied to the brows. A medium brown, for example, can turn to very dark brown when applied. Your best bet is to ask to have it applied when you’re at the counter so you can be sure how it will look.

Spoolies are your brow’s best friend.

While your brushes and tweezers might be the first tools that come to mind, a spoolie brush (like a mascara wand) can make or break your brow look. The beauty of a spoolie is that it can always bring your brows back from ‘over-done’ to perfectly natural. This is because it not only brushes the hairs into place, it also removes any excess product that can leave the brows looking too stark or harsh. It blends product and brows together into the ultimate brow look.

Take a step back.

One of the greatest tips to achieve great brows is to step away from the mirror; so many people make the mistake of completing their brows with their faces inches away from the mirror, only to discover that while their brows may look Insta-worthy up close, once they’ve stepped back, their brows are disproportionate and OTT in comparison to the rest of the face. To keep everything looking in sync, apply your brows with some space between you and your reflection. You’ll thanks us!

Rachel x


Image Credit: Ania Milczarczyk

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