Lipstick Day: Best Lipsticks

We’re celebrating Lipstick Day (July 29) by showcasing our favourite products! There are so many options out there so it wasn’t easy to whittle down the list; feast your eyes on TACB’s top lipstick choices below! Read More

Ingredient Watch: Formaldehyde

Many of us are becoming more concerned about exactly what goes into our skincare and cosmetic products. Yet while we’re learning to look for natural ingredients and their benefits, a lot of products still have the scientific name for chemicals in their ingredient list that, for all we know, could be anything!

That’s why we’ve decided to start a series all about the ingredients that you should be aware of and watch out for within the products you use.

First up we’re putting formaldehyde under the microscope! Read More

TACB Graduate Profile: Dianne Murphy

TACB Graduate Dianne Murphy is making her mark on the pin-up scene. Having completed her Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services in 2015, she is now freelancing in the industry. We spoke to Dianne about where she is now and her hopes for the future! Read More

Winter Morning Routine: To Get You Out Of Bed

The struggle is real! With the darker mornings and chilly air, all we want to do is roll over and bury ourselves into the blankets. But we have the ultimate tried and tested tips on how to get yourself out of bed in the morning, even when you feel like staying put! Read More

How To Wear Black Lipstick

We’ve seen this brooding colour smash its way into mainstream make-up lately, with a little help from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Starr. While we love the dramatic edge that black lipstick gives to any look, it can be a bit daunting when it comes to actually wearing it! So we’ve got you covered with our five tips pulling off a moody, broody black lip with all the style and class of the stars!
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Know Your Cleansers

TACB Student Blogger Lara has all the info you need to understand which facial cleanser is best for you, whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combination. This post is all you need to picking the right cleanser for your skin type! Read More

Six Essie Nail Polishes for Winter Trends

Winter seems to have a lot of rules – wear more layers, opt for a darker lip, go for a matte base without too much shine. It seems like there’s little room to move with all these expectations! Winter has always dictated what we wear on our nails as well, generally telling us to use darker, bolder and richer shades such as plums, blacks and maroons.

So we decided that, while there’s always room for these colours in our Winter palette, there’s also room for some fun. We’ve comes up with our list of top Winter shades from Essie nail polishes to keep things interesting this season! Read More

Declutter Your Life: Three Ways

Look around you. From where you sit, at your desk, in your bed, staring at your phone on the train, how cramped do you feel? You might find it interesting to note that, while you might not having anyone crashing into you or have items towering over you, you can still feel as though you have an elephant sitting on your chest. Read More

Our Fave Chocolate Products

This week we are getting well and truly into the spirit of World Chocolate Day by indulging in some of our fave chocolate inspired products! From makeup to beauty and skincare, there’s no reason to fear these chocolatey goodies!

PLUS, you can win all of these items in the competition at the end of the post!


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Hydrating Make-up Products For Winter

Winter can leave our skin in a state of perpetual dryness. With the drop in temperature, we find ourselves opting for heavier moisturisers, more gentle cleansers and any product that says ‘hydration’ on the front! Read More