Regram: The Right & Polite Way

On Instagram, it’s more and more common to be found sharing other people’s images and content to your own feed. But are you giving credit where it’s due? And if so, are you doing it properly?

We’ve got the best advice to regram the right way on Instagram!

First and foremost, you should always give credit to any image that is not your own. That is, if it isn’t your original work. There are a few different ways to credit someone in your post.



You can also tag the original creator in the image itself, however it’s best not to do this alone. Without including their name somewhere in the caption, it can appear as if you aren’t truly giving credence to their time and talent. Their name should be written as a clickable link, so others can trace your post back to the original source.

Regram: Lorna Jane, for example, is not acceptable. Whereas @lornajaneactive, leads your audience also to the Lorna Jane page that you have taken the image from.

Only regram for a positive reason. By sharing content, you should be attempting to build a community and combine audiences with that user, not drag them down. By negatively regramming somebody else, you are just as likely to damage your own reputation as you are theirs.

Don’t make noticeable edits to the image if you can help it. This also refers to adding filters, etc. that alters the image considerably. Be respectful of the fact that the image you’re using was created by somebody else.

When possible, ask the creator’s permission. This is especially easy to do straight from Instagram as you can either comment on the specific image you wish to regram, or you can direct message the user. Always be polite and supportive of their work when you post your request.


If you are sharing an image that you have taken from outside of Instagram, for example Pinterest or Tumblr, it’s important to still acknowledge that the photo is not your own. Your caption can simple state, ‘Image via Pinterest’. Alternatively, you can also write something along the lines of ‘Image credit unknown, comment below if you know the source.’

Be selective in what you regram. Not all images are of high resolution, especially when you screenshot from your phone. An image that is low in resolution will appear blurry or grainy when you upload to Instagram. To avoid this, try to share images that are clearly photographed or created at a high resolution. You can also maintain image quality by using paid services apps such as Iconosquare which don’t reduce the resolution when uploading.

Rachel x

Main Image Credit: Bloguettes

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