Quick Hair Fixes

We know that most of you out there don’t have time to create a hair-do to rival an Insta-queen every morning. We can barely find time to whip it all up in a top-knot, let alone achieve luscious curls or intricate braids.

More often than not, we’re looking for quick and easy ways to get our locks looking presentable.

Here are our top tips!

Keep a teasing comb.

To stay prepared at all times, keep a boar bristled teasing comb in your handbag. These combs are brilliant at adding body to lifeless hair, but also for smoothing fly-aways from the top. So whether you have a serious case of hat-hair or you just got whipped in the face by your own locks as you stepped off the train, this is the brush that will sort your stands out.

Dry shampoo.

We know you’ve heard it all before, but dry shampoo really is the best quick-fix to greasy hair. You can avoid all the washing, drying and styling time and spray a little of it at the roots. It also helps to quickly add body to your locks if it’s looking a little limp.

Texturizing powder.

If your hair is needing some oomf, and you know dry shampoo isn’t going to cut it, you can opt for a texturizing powder and avoid the hassle of a full blowout. These powders instantly add life and volume to thin hair and give you a lot more control than dry shampoo ever could. This is the product you need to when you’re heading from work to dinner and your hair needs a pick-me-up.

Hair donut:

Are hair donuts dead? We don’t think so! When used correctly, these tools can be your best friend in the morning when you need to get your hair into work-ready mode. Use one to create a sleek bun and hide any greasiness, dry split ends or frizz.

What are your go-to tools and products for your urgent hair-do moments?

Rachel x


Image Credit: Edwards & Co

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