Six Essie Nail Polishes for Winter Trends

Winter seems to have a lot of rules – wear more layers, opt for a darker lip, go for a matte base without too much shine. It seems like there’s little room to move with all these expectations! Winter has always dictated what we wear on our nails as well, generally telling us to use darker, bolder and richer shades such as plums, blacks and maroons.

So we decided that, while there’s always room for these colours in our Winter palette, there’s also room for some fun. We’ve comes up with our list of top Winter shades from Essie nail polishes to keep things interesting this season!

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends2

Petal Pushers:

Grey is one of our fave shades this season as it’s such a versatile colour! It’s neutral enough to go with any outfit but isn’t as bold and stark as opting for a black. There’s quite a range of greys on the market but we’re loving anything blue steel, gunmetal or charcoal inspired.

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends3

Starry Starry Night:

If you’re looking to be super on-trend this season, grab yourself a deep navy with a hint of shimmer in it. Dark blue is really having a moment and can add a chic element to your look, while a shimmer or glitter adds a little pizzazz!

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends4


While winter might seem cold and dreary, there is no reason to add that to the nail department. There’s nothing we love more than a bright pop of hot red when the weather is chilly. It can contrast beautifully with all your layers of clothing and bring a sophisticated air to any look!

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends5


This is probably the most ‘Wintery’ of shades on the list, but it is simply gorgeous. If you are looking for the ultimate winter shade, this might just be it. Luxedo is a super dark plum shade that looks almost black. The polish throws just that hint of colour which adds a chic and polished look to any outfit.

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends6

Find Me An Oasis:

To throw something different into our Winter mix, we like to go to the other end of the scale. Not everything has to be dark and heavy, so we’re opting for a light seafoam green or icicle blue to break the monotony. Add a silver sparkle over the top and you have a perfectly winter nail look!

Essie Nail Polishes For Winter Trends7

No Place Like Chrome:

For something with a little edge, why not go down the metallic route? Silver with chrome is having a real moment and can bring a fashionable sophistication to your day to day look. Use it as an accent or coat all your digits, it’s sure to catch the eye of passers-by!

One final note, in regards to our nails, short and neat is the way to go this season. Shape them rounded or matched to your natural shape, and keep them trimmed and polished to rock these trends.

Rachel x


Main Image Credit: Essie Australia

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