Winter Morning Routine: To Get You Out Of Bed

The struggle is real! With the darker mornings and chilly air, all we want to do is roll over and bury ourselves into the blankets. But we have the ultimate tried and tested tips on how to get yourself out of bed in the morning, even when you feel like staying put!

It starts the night before.

You’ve probably read this in almost every ‘morning routine’ on the internet, but this is the ultimate tip to a productive morning! By dealing with a couple of essentials before you go to sleep, you not only slash time getting ready but can even prepare a few things to incentivise getting out of bed.

We suggest setting out the clothes you wear so you can jump straight in to them without hesitation.

If you have a programmable heater, work out that manual and set up an automated timer. That way your heater can start up 10 mins or so before your alarm goes off and you can get up to a nice and toasty room!

It’s also worth investing in dressing gown. No, they’re not just for grandmas – you can get some cute-as-a-button robes from here and here. Keep it at the end of your bed so you can slip it on the moment you get up. You can even keep it under your pillow as you sleep and it will be pre-heated for your AM alarm!

The right start to the day.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s important to fuel your body properly.

Start your morning by flushing out any toxins built up whilst you slept with a glass of water (hot water if you can’t handle cold!) or a herbal tea (try green tea for a caffeine-hit as well).

Then it’s on to breakfast! If you have a sweet-tooth, try oats with a drizzle of honey and some dates. Or, if you prefer a savoury start to the day, why not try a poached egg on a crispy piece of sourdough toast. Embrace the Winter cold by looking forward to a warm breakfast!

Plump up your beauty routine.

Winter can take its toll on our skin, so it’s important to make time for it in the morning. As you move from the kitchen to the bathroom, it’s time to get your skin glowing! Freshen up by cleansing first with warm water and follow with a hydrating serum. During Winter, it can be beneficial to swap your normal moisturiser for a slightly heavier one. (it can never hurt to add a little more hydration in the cooler months!). Finish your skincare by applying lip balm and you’re ready for make-up!

Extra tips:

  • You can add breakfast to your night time prep! Anything that you can set aside from the night before can take of time in the morning. Why not pre-chop some vegies for a nutritious omelette or check out some recipes for overnight oats.
  • Winter calls for a gorgeous vampy lip colour, so it’s important to keep your lips in top condition. Exfoliate as needed and make sure to apply a nourishing lip balm at the start of your make-up routine and it will be just right come time for your lipstick!
  • If you find it hard to get out of a lovely warm shower in the morning (especially when it’s cold) try having it the night before. The warmth will help your body naturally cool down in bed which will help you fall asleep faster.
  • If you know you aren’t going to have time to wash and style your hair before work, be sure to apply some dry shampoo before you go to bed the night before. It allows the product to work as any oil develops overnight.

Do you have any life saving tips to get you out of bed on a winter’s morning?

Rachel x


Main Image Credit: Blogging Gals

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