TACB Student Profile: Natasha Hassan

TACB Student Natasha Hassan has an incredible talent for dazzling face charts. We spoke to her about her experience so far at TACB and asked her advice on creating the ultimate face chart! Read More

5 Most Important Thoughts From Business Chicks’ 9 to Thrive

If you were at the recent Business Chicks’ 9 to Thrive event, you might have seen us wandering through the crowds and looking thoroughly inspired. We were feeling super motivated by all of the incredible speakers from the day, so much so that we have to share the advice we couldn’t stop thinking about.

It was a day of fun, insight and, most importantly, truth, amongst girl bosses and business chicks. Read More

Most Popular MAC Products

With the excitement of MAC opening just up the road from TACB in Broadway Shopping Centre, we spoke with the lovely Ella in store to find out the most popular MAC products!

Can you guess which MAC items are the most reached for amongst make-up lovers? Read More

Secrets of French Girl Beauty

The mythical allure of the fabled ‘Parisienne’ has endured countless reinventions; from the original French ‘It girls’ of the 1970s, through to the modern models and muses of current French fashion, we seem to be endlessly fascinated by the beauty secrets of the effortlessly chic set.

The funny thing is that you don’t actually need to be Parisian, or even French, to attain this iconic status and, as a whole slew of French style and beauty books will tell you, the French attitude to beauty is quite simple. Read More

In-Flight Beauty Essentials

This cold Winter weather has us dreaming of tropical island holidays, so we’ve put together a list of in-flight travel beauty essentials to suit all budgets! Read More

Hair Contouring Is A Thing Now

You read correctly, you can now contour your hair. We know the questions swimming around your head right now: why would you contour hair and how do you do it?

We’ve looked into this new trend and it actually makes a whole lot of sense! Read More

Business Advice from Mia Connor

Recently TACB were thrilled to play host to Mia Connor’s Sydney Masterclass.

The artists who attended received priceless makeup, industry and social media advice from the 2015 Australian Make-up Artist of the Year and I had the privilege of sitting in as well!

In addition to creating her signature heavenly-eyes make-up looks over the two days, Mia also offered some amazing insider advice about the business side of make-up artistry. Read More