Business Advice from Mia Connor

Recently TACB were thrilled to play host to Mia Connor’s Sydney Masterclass.

The artists who attended received priceless makeup, industry and social media advice from the 2015 Australian Make-up Artist of the Year and I had the privilege of sitting in as well!

In addition to creating her signature heavenly-eyes make-up looks over the two days, Mia also offered some amazing insider advice about the business side of make-up artistry.

  1. Put everything in writing.

As a make-up artist, it’s best to communicate via email. This ensures that everything you offer, any client briefings/moodboards, and everything that is said between you and your client is in writing. This clears up any potential miscommunication issues, as you can always refer back to the original email correspondence.

Even if you have spoken via a phone call, it’s best to follow it up with an email to confirm everything you covered.

  1. Keep your Instagram current.

Mia is a big believer in portraying your best self in all aspects of your business. This includes your Instagram feed. She openly shared that she has deleted past posts from her Instagram account that she feels doesn’t represent her skills and style any more. When you are putting your work out there for people to see and decide whether you’re the artist for them, quality can matter more than quantity. Keep your feed confined to your best work, with high resolution images.

  1. Work out your terms and conditions.

This is something that every artist should have ready to go for any potential job. You should let a client know your terms and conditions from the get go – from your booking deposit, cancellation policy, extra fees, your minimum and maximum number of clients, etc. She also touched on the importance of knowing the fees you may come up against. Informing them of any travel fee, weekend or early morning fee and parking fees is crucial from the beginning, even if it’s just to say: “Early morning fees may be applicable; please advise what time your photographer wants you to be ready.”

  1. There are no tentative bookings.

Save yourself the hassle and worry – you are not obliged to take a tentative booking only for them to pull out on you. If they want to book with you, then they need to book with you. If they are not ready to commit, then you are well within your rights to keep the space open for other potential clients who can commit!

We loved having the opportunity to host Mia and the artists who – and can’t wait to have her back again in the future!

Rachel x

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