Hair Contouring Is A Thing Now

You read correctly, you can now contour your hair. We know the questions swimming around your head right now: why would you contour hair and how do you do it?

We’ve looked into this new trend and it actually makes a whole lot of sense!

Hair contouring is the customised application of highlights and darker tones in specific areas of the hair to emphasise some features of the face while minimising others. For example, by highlighting the top and ends of the hair while adding darker tones to the mid lengths, you can elongate a short or round face.

It’s all about creating an optical illusion using colours that match one’s skin tone, to create or emphasis a more oval face shape, which is essentially the usual goal with make-up contouring.  Ideally, the colours need to remain two shades lighter or darker; anything greater may look stark and less natural.

This technique really does need to be done by a professional who can carefully consider the intricate application of light and dark shades; they need to be able to assess your hair colour and face shape to know which shades and tones to use, and where they should be applied to accentuate the desired features.

Hair contouring can be very low maintenance as regrowth can be softened and grow out naturally.

If you are wondering what ‘contour’ technique might suit you, check out our general guide;

Round or Square face:

For those with a face that can appear equally wide as it is long, the ends and the top of the hair can be lightened to accentuate length while darker tones can be applied to the mid-lengths in order to enclose the sides of the face.

Heart or Triangle face:

People with these face shapes can have sharper features such as a strong chin. A colourist can minimise this feature without sending everything out of balance; by darkening the crown and the top of the hair while lightening the mid-lengths until it reaches the jawline, you can effectively soften the chin.

Diamond or Rectangle face:

For those with longer features, the face can be made to look wider through darkening the roots and underneath of the hair. This creates shadow at the top and bottom. Some simple highlights around the edges of the face will frame and accentuate the sides of the face which will also help make the face look balanced.

Whatever the case, hair contouring is a very natural colour technique that can add life to your hair and face.

Would you try it?

Rachel x


Main Image Source: Beauty Life Michelle

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