Most Popular MAC Products

With the excitement of MAC opening just up the road from TACB in Broadway Shopping Centre, we spoke with the lovely Ella in store to find out the most popular MAC products!

Can you guess which MAC items are the most reached for amongst make-up lovers?

Soft and Gentle.JPG

Soft & Gentle Highlighter:

It won’t come as much surprise to hear that the first product which sprang to Ella’s mind was this cult highlighter. Described as a soft “gilded peach bronze”, it works on most skin tones. For those of medium complexions or darker, it will act mostly as a highlight yet pale skin girls might use it to add warmth and colour to their face as well. It’s a baked powder with a velvety texture and adds radiance and glow to the face.

Velvet Teddy.JPG

Velvet Teddy Lipstick

One of MAC’s most iconic lip shades, Velvet Teddy is a matte deep-toned pinky-beige. Many find it to be an ideal nude and it works well for lipstick newbies who aren’t overly confident in wearing out-there colours. Despite being part of MAC’s matte range, it still maintains a creamy texture that isn’t too dry on the lips.

Studio Fix Foundation.JPG

Studio Fix Foundation:

A medium to full coverage foundation that has been specially formulated to control oil. This foundation provides a natural long-wearing finish (whilst still covering imperfections) and includes a broad spectrum (which is very important) SPF 15+ protection. Wear it in the middle of Summer or the dead of Winter and you’ll still love the finish!

Amber times Nine.JPG

Amber x 9 Eye Palette:

This edited palette has 9 beautiful amber hues for all skin tones, with a range of textures including matte, satin and frost finishes. The mix of warm and cool, shimmer and matte shadows means endless combinations. Plus, it comes in one perfectly compact palette.

Fix Spray.JPG

Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray:

One of MAC’s cult products is the moisturising spray. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals with ingredients such as cucumber, chamomile and green tea. Being lightweight and hydrating, this mist aids in soothing and refreshing the skin and setting the make-up. Use it before applying make-up for a boost of moisture or during the day to give your face a re-fresh.


Are you as excited as us about MAC’s new Broadway store? We know where we’re going to be during our lunch breaks!

Rachel x


Main Image Source: Broadway Sydney

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