5 Most Important Thoughts From Business Chicks’ 9 to Thrive

If you were at the recent Business Chicks’ 9 to Thrive event, you might have seen us wandering through the crowds and looking thoroughly inspired. We were feeling super motivated by all of the incredible speakers from the day, so much so that we have to share the advice we couldn’t stop thinking about.

It was a day of fun, insight and, most importantly, truth, amongst girl bosses and business chicks.

Authenticity is the new inspirational.

One of the biggest moments of the event was listening to the head ladies of Mamamia (Mia Freedman, Kylie Rogers, Holly Wainwright and Kate de Brito) sharing that ‘inspirational is no longer enough’. If you are creating a social media presence, blogging, filming, writing etc. authenticity is more meaningful than purely motivational.

Women are now looking for relatable content that they feel a connection to.


What am I trying to achieve; what is my goal?

Hearing from three key women in Australian social media (Karen Stocks, Managing Director of Twitter; Mia Garlick, Director of Policy for Facebook Aust/NZ; Sophie Blachford, Head of Brand Development Instagram Australia) we knew there were going to be some real ‘ah-ha’ moments.

One of the key tips they repeatedly shared was simple: know your purpose for posting.

If you are building your business presence online, it’s important to keep a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

Are you letting people know about a promotion; communicating your opening hours; celebrating the festive season? A lot of people, they suggested, get distracted and off topic with their business’ social media.

An easy way to keep yourself on the right path is to continually check your ‘insights’ and monitor what is tracking well (and what isn’t working) with your audience.


One day doesn’t come; live your dream now.

Possibly the most inspiring speaker of the day had to be Ronni Kahn, founder of Australian charity Oz Harvest. While she had us laughing (and crying) she shared one touching message; while people always tell her “One day I’ll do what you do…” or “One day I could/would/should…”, Ronni told her avid audience: One day never comes. After sharing a personal story of tragic loss, she went on to say:

“We think we are invincible, that we’re immune to tragedy. We think that we will have time to do all the things we say we want to do. Remember, the most important thing you have in life is right now.”

Inspiring words from a woman who only spoke for 20 minutes! While no one wanted her talk to end, she received a standing ovation.


Know the ‘hold game’.

Donna Hay knows her industry inside out. Having started in print as a food stylist for Maria Claire, this entrepreneurial force has built an empire including 25 books, two magazines, an app, blog and TV series.

Her biggest piece of advice? Don’t underestimate the ‘hold game’.

While you might have had an inspired idea, it’s important to hang tight and wait for the opportune moment.

“We didn’t launch the ‘Light & Fresh’ magazine for two years because I felt the market wasn’t quite ready.”

Contrary to what we hear so often in this fast-paced world of entrepreneurial world, Donna declared that ‘being first’ isn’t always the most important factor.


Know the most important question for your wellbeing.

One of the best pieces of overall advice came from the first talk of the day which featured wellness coaches and nutritionists Kemi Nekvapil, Lola Berry and Melissa Ambrosini. Whilst discussing the importance of self-love and listening to your intuition, Kemi stressed the importance of the one question that matters most.

“What do I really need, right now?”

By continually asking yourself this simple question, you can identify how you are feeling and what you need to do to keep yourself on track. It might be as simple as a cup of tea with your best friend or a bar of chocolate in a quiet moment. Or it might be slightly bigger such as reconnecting with your partner, a holiday or completing an assignment that is stressing you.

Once you have identified what you need in that moment, you can then act upon those key points. All three women emphasised how important it is to look after yourself over everything else. When you are your best self, you can be the best mother/author/friend/worker/partner.


Wow – talk about a day of inspiration!

We can’t wait until next year!

Rachel x


Image Source: Business Chicks Australia

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