Best Budget and Finance Apps

In the fast paced world of start-ups, anything that helps streamline your workload can be a welcome relief. Technology can become your best friend when you want to set systems in place to simplify your work. There are some brilliant apps out there that help you track your profits, budget effectively and take the pressure off when it comes to your business’ finances.


Wave is a free software program that covers everything from accounting, invoices and payments, receipts and your payroll! You can attach the Wave to your bank account, PayPal and the like so that data is directly delivered to your account without the need to manually submit numbers and information. Wave was created for small business (think 9 people or less) and is perfect for freelancers, one-person businesses and start-ups.

Fresh Books

Created by Forbes, you can safely assume this app was made with businesses in mind! It allows you to quickly generate invoices, track receipts and spending, record time spent on a job and create reports easily.

Zoho Books

Created for small businesses, Zoho Books is an accounting app that helps you streamline processes such as transactions and invoicing by linking to your bank account for real time cash-flow data. It lets you keep on track with minimal effort. It also offers other sections to help maximise your business such as social media management and can even prioritise your emails in order of most urgent / important!


While it might not seem the most glamorous of apps, this can be a life saver for those of you who rely on a vehicle in your business. Whether you are delivery, transporting or moving about to different jobs, this gives you a paperless option to track and record your movements. The app allows for multiple vehicles; you can edit existing trip details and the app creates reports in both CSV and PDF files which can go directly to your accountant or tax agent.

eTax Return by Pocketbook

If you are scared out of your wits when it comes to tax time, this app makes everything simple for you. The creators of Pocketbook (a personal finance management app) noticed the lack of a simple and effective app that all people to lodge their tax return online without fuss. The resulting app allows you to complete your tax return in one short sitting, yet also has the option of saving and coming back at any time before confirming your lodging. It includes a feature that allows uses to capture key documents with the device’s camera. And, most importantly, it includes ‘in-built accountant support’ – a registered accountant whom you can message to help you move through the process. Your claim is fully reviewed to ensure so you can receive the maximum refund.


Now discover ways to minimise spending in your business and how to fund your start-up.

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