How to Shake Up Your Salon

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration in your salon lately? Do you feel as though your business has hit a bit of a lull? There are so many ways to inject some life (and profit) into your existing business – and we’ve got 10 ideas for you right here!

  1. Introduce a new product range

Whether your existing supplier has a new range that has launched, or you’re going with a whole new brand, new products give you something to shout about and create interest for your clients.

  1. Have a Girl’s Night charity event

Hosting a charity event can be an exciting and beneficial way to spice up life at your salon. Not only is it worthwhile to get involved in your community, but it also gives you something to promote within your salon and invite new clientele into your store.

  1. Extend your education in a new treatment or technique

If there’s one thing that’s certain in this industry, it’s that it is ever changing and you can never be too educated! With so many new technologies being developed, there is always room for you to further your learning. Why not become trained in Coolsculpting or IPL? New qualifications show that you and your salon are up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

  1. Run an online competition

Running a competition via social media or your website can incite positive talk about your salon. Make it interactive and you’ll notice more people engage with and recognise your brand.

  1. Target new clientele such as a new treatment for men

Why not increase your clientele list by appealing to a new audience? A facial treatment targeted toward men can invite new clients into your salon and increase your profit margins.

  1. Start a referral program – a discount for your existing clients who refer a friend to you!

Developing a referral program can both reward your established clients and encourage new customers. Let your existing clients know they can receive a discount on their next treatment when they recommend a friend!

  1. Reconsider your opening hours

Are your Mondays dead quiet? Have you been frequently asked whether you are open later on Thursday evenings? Maybe it’s time to switch up your store’s hours so that you are working more profitable hours in your business and relaxing when there are less clients!

  1. Run a promotional discount

Run a special or discount on a service your offer. Run it for a short period to make it ‘limited time only’ and get those customers booking in!

  1. Offer a package to fit the current season/holiday

Create a treatment package that fits any upcoming holidays or significant times of the year. Tailor a hair removal package as you move into Spring/Summer or a pamper package for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day!

  1. Rearrange your shelves

You’d be amazed how effective switching up your environment can be! Whilst you can’t always move your entire salon around, you can shake up you shelves and window displays. Run with a theme and change things frequently to keep it looking fresh and different each time a client comes in.

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