Managing a Team That Works

Talk to any successful business owner and they will tell you the importance of outsourcing. When you are in the thick of running a business, learning to relinquish your grip and engaging the right staff will be the difference between a flourishing and a flailing business.

Everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. You might be an amazing networker who could broker a deal in a second, but fail dismally when it comes to editing an Instagram photo. You might write fantastic content for your business’ blog, but cannot get your head around finance to save your life!

When you begin to hire people who excel in the areas that you lack, you will see your business take on a whole new life.

Once you have started to establish your team, it’s imperative that you invest in them. It is beneficial to both you and your employee to take the time to ensure they are happy and fulfilled within their role.

It’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all in this sense as people are motivated by different things. While money might be an incentive for one person, education and professional development might mean more to another. By communicating and getting to know your staff as individuals, you can help them develop a path that they will find both stimulating and fulfilling whilst maintaining their employment with you.

Positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful tools you can use when managing staff. This doesn’t just apply to rewarding someone when they do well, but helping them and finding a solution when they are struggling. Treating your staff as people who can learn and grow creates a positive and productive workplace. Negativity spreads quickly and does not make for a successful business.

Your business culture will directly impact you and your staff. It’s crucial to have a clear concept of the sort of workplace you are running. Is it a traditional employer/employee relationship or are do you want to feel like a big group of friends? Do you follow a structured 9-5 work week or will your hours be more fluid? What incentives will you provide your staff? Will you shout everyone dinner after a big achievement or buy a gift for individuals when they have excelled in their role?

The company culture is crucial when it comes to employing people who will fit into you workplace. Hiring is not just about picking the person with the best credentials, but seeing how they will fit with you and your work environment.

Sometimes, as a business owner, you will find that somebody just doesn’t fit with your company culture. While the process of firing an employee can be equally stressful for both parties, you’ll find it easier if you remember this one fact: firing someone just means that they were in the wrong job.

Many entrepreneurs have touched on the fact that keeping somebody employed who is not working out is probably doing them more harm than it is you! By breaking the employment, it not only allows you to find a more suitable employee, it frees them to find the job where they excel. The sooner you do so, both of you will benefit.

Running a team of employees is not always an easy ride. You will deal with uncertainties, staff conflicts and managing workloads and the like, but when done properly, it will almost definitely be the most positive step in your start-up career.



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