Simplify Your Business With These 10 Easy Steps

Running a start-up is not always the simplest of things. On any given day, you might find yourself playing four or five different roles. It can be hard to keep your head straight when you’re wearing so many different hats. Being able to implement ways to simplify your business will help you to create room to breathe and keep on track of everything.

  1. Know your routine

When you have a system in place, it helps you feel organised. Get to know your weekly and daily routine. If you haven’t got one, start to develop something that suits you best. If you know Monday mornings are quiet and you work best with a fresh cup of coffee, lock in that time every week to complete your ‘book work’. If your routine involves stopping by the closest juice bar on your way to work before sitting down to respond to emails first thing, this can help you feel on track. You’ll find that after developing effective routines and systems, your activities will become more streamlined and your days will seem to run more smoothly than before you created a structured work week.

One super simple way to streamline your workload is to write down all of the tasks you perform and then look for ways in which they can be automated; there are always little odd jobs that take up time, especially when you don’t realise how often you’re doing them. Cut down on anything that doubles up and think of how you can minimise your responsibilities (such as finance apps that can sort your invoices and receipts for you).

  1. Outsource you HR

Believe it or not, entrepreneurs would spend a sizeable chunk of their time just completing the payroll and employee administration. If you struggle in this regard, you might consider outsourcing your HR work to somebody externally. It will free your time and relieves the pressure of facing penalties for missing deadlines to pay tax etc.

  1. Create basic email responses

How many emails do you respond to in the same day that consist of the same thing? If you find a sizeable chunk of your time is spent responding to emails, simplify the task by creating  generic responses and templates. You simply need to alter the specifics (name / date / project name) before sending.

  1. Learn to say ‘no’

It’s not a dirty word; start-up owners can often find themselves saying ‘yes’ to everything. It can lead to over-committing and under-delivering which doesn’t benefit anyone – especially you! Learning to feel comfortable saying no to opportunities that are not truly going to benefit you is one of the best ways to simplify your business and stay sane.

  1. Schedule social media

How often are you posting to your social media accounts? Is it filling your days or are your pages lacking love for weeks on end? Either way, your business will benefit from scheduling your posts. It’s super easy to do and means you know you have a consistent supply of posts that are set to be posted at specific times. Schedule and forget about thinking of catchy captions every morning while waiting for your coffee!

  1. Stop chasing meetings

Chances are, half of your mornings are spent organising meetings; sending emails back and forth organising a day and time that everyone can do. There are now apps that can cut out this game of ‘email tag’ such as Calendly. It allows you to specify your availability in which people can select a time for the meeting. The app is linked to your calendar so you can be notified when the meeting is set.

  1. Separate your business and personal finances

Tax time can be a nightmare if you are mixing your business and personal finances together. Keep your accounts and cards separate for your business to simplify the end of financial year. It will save you time when it comes to  filtering through your credit cards statements that are littered with personal purchases!

  1. Simplify your invoicing

You don’t have to sit manually writing out invoice details. There are so many apps on the market now which record, track and input date into quick and simple invoices for your clients.

  1. Communicate

If you want to eliminate over-complication and time-wasting in your business, communication is paramount. As the business owner, it’s crucial to make sure every one of your employees are on the same page and know what is going on. Without clear communication, you are simply allowing uncertainties and misinformation to spread through your workplace. This is only going to lead to a lack of efficiency in tasks and, even more concerning, friction among those working for you.

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