Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime

While everyone focuses on Spring Cleaning their wardrobe, desk, and general home-life, but if anything ought to be organised and re-thought at the start of a new season, it’s your beauty routine!

Read on for five ways to sort out your beauty regime this Spring.

Chuck expired products.

This is a given – the first step to Spring Cleaning is to go through and throw out anything you don’t need or has expired. We’ve got a whole other post about when it’s time to bin a beauty product so we’ll keep it brief here! Basically, always check for an expiry date on the packaging or look for the triangle that includes a number inside it – this is referring to the amount of time the product can be kept since first it was first opened. Getting rid of old products and things that don’t suit you anymore helps to declutter and get you on track for the new season.

Re-order and reorganise.

Once you have cleared out the old products, it’s time to re-order your cupboards/drawers. Just as you’ll be switching your Winter wardrobe for your Summer wardrobe in the next few weeks, it’s time to re-organise your products according to what you’ll be using most.

Wear your SPF!

You know you should be wearing this every day, regardless of the weather, but it can often be a forgotten step. Bring your SPF to the front of your skincare this season so there’s no excuse not to be protecting yourself from the sun!

Switch your moisturiser.

Winter can call for a heavier cream moisturiser but, as the weather warms up, your skin might not require such intense hydration. As the weather changes, you might think about switching your cream for a lighter moisturiser option, such as a lotion.

Be careful of retinoids.

If you use retinoids within your skincare routine, it’s important to be aware of its effects during the lighter months. Retinoids increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so if you intend to be outside and soaking up the rays  you might want to take a step back with these products. At the very least, be vigilant with your sunscreen application every morning!

We’re so excited for Spring and can’t wait to get our beauty routines sorted for the coming months!

Image Source: Temptu Russia

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