Instagram Business Advice from a Social Media Specialist

With social media being such an important component to any modern-day business’ success, we went straight to TACB’s Social Media Specialist, Connie, to discover how and why we should be using Instagram for a start-up or existing business.

Connie says it’s all about connecting to your audience visually and developing a strong brand awareness.

Instagram for Business:

What to use it for:

Instagram has soared in popularity over the last few years, mainly because it’s a hugely visual platform, allowing brands and users to communicate their message quickly, with an easy to use layout accessible to anyone with a smart-phone.
Instagram can be used to post photos and videos as well as providing a way for customers to contact you directly.

Instagram has recently released a feature called ‘stories’ which also allows you share immediate and ‘raw’ content that is less edited than your normal feed. While the feature is very new, it can help to build a more connected relationship with your audience.

What are the benefits?

Instagram is a fantastic tool to build brand awareness and an online community. It is a great platform to share visually engaging content, either your own images or by “regramming” other users.
Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram relies mainly on the visual to share your brand story.

How to put money behind it:

Since Facebook recently purchased Instagram you can now use the same ad manager and insight tools provided by Facebook to boost your business on Instagram. Use your Instagram insights to build a target audience and the ads will be served on that target audience’s feed.

How to grow your followers:

Now that Instagram has introduced an algorithm-driven feed (ie. it shows users the content it thinks they want to see first based off previous posts they have engaged with) I would suggest placing an ad to get the ball rolling.
Like, comment and follow accounts that like similar businesses to yours.
You can also gift your product or services to digital influencers (people with a similar audience to you with an established following). It’s best to start small at first, rather than expecting to work with someone who has a reach of 1 million people. Look for up-and-coming influencers who are more open to working with you.

Competitions are also a great way to encourage people to follow and share your Instagram account which, in turn, will help your brand expand further.

Read Connie’s advice for using Facebook and Snapchat for your business!


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