Establishing Your Brand on the Market

Once you have developed and know your brand identity, the next step is getting it out there and recognisable on the market.

While this can come slowly for some and seemingly at light-speed for others, there are key steps you can take to ensure you are implementing and establishing your brand down every avenue.

  1. Integrate your brand.

The brand you develop should extend to every part of your business, from the way you and your employees answer the phone to the clothing that you wear. It’s important that everything you and your team does reflects the brand you are promoting. Even the small things such as your email signature help make up the overall image of you company.

  1. Educate your employees.

If you are building a team, it’s crucial that they understand the core values and attributes of the business. For them to accurately represent your brand, they have to understand it. Let’s look at an example:

LUSH are known for their killer bath bombs and natural ingredients. However, as a company they are incredibly vocal about issues such as animal welfare, equality and the environment. These values are intrinsic to the branding of LUSH as they incorporate such issues into their marketing campaigns and even the products that they sell. Yet, this activism wouldn’t be authentic and effective without their employees understanding and caring about these issues as well. You can bet your bottom dollar that, should you walk into a LUSH store and ask the assistant where their ingredients are sourced from, they will tell you exactly from where they have been ethically sourced without batting an eyelid. That is because this knowledge is crucial to the message the brand is sending. Without every employees’ understanding of the core values, the brand would fall apart once it reaches its consumers.

  1. Be visible and generous.

The fact is, the more your target market is exposed to you and your brand, the more they will consider and recognise you as an authority figure in your field. So it’s important to make your brand as accessible as possible. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as offering free content. Blog posts, podcasts, videos, e-Books, printables and guides are all things that a consumer can gain, which, in turn, can help you gain their trust. The more value they get out of your content, the more you will appear as an authority figure. This leads to a developing connection and a relationship that can result in lead generation, sales and repeat business.

  1. Consistency is key.

This is the most important factor in branding; you cannot deviate from your brand. Your voice, look and feel must remain the same across every medium and platform. It would not make sense, for example, to post an Instagram photo of you posing with tigers in a zoo or using a product that tests on animals, if you have branded yourself an animal rights supporter. Not only is this inconsistent, but it has the potential of opening you/ the brand up to a lot of controversy and ridicule.

Furthermore, you should not vary the look of your brand across channels. If you are plastered across a billboard on a freeway, a consumer should be able to recognise you when they go to find you on social media. You can make your job easier by developing templates for your marketing collateral which ensures the same colours, layout and consistent placement of your logo etc.

Overall, how you brand yourself is what you promise your consumers. You need to consider it carefully and be able to implement those promises throughout your business. This means consistently delivering the same message and product, which will builds recognition and eventually loyalty from consumers.

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