How to Build a Bold Brand

If someone were to see your content without your logo next to it, would they know it’s your brand?

How recognisable are you?

How well do people discover, perceive and, ultimately, remember you?

It all comes down to how you develop your brand and this involves careful consideration when it comes to the voice, name, image and social presence of your company or service.


It might just be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to developing your business, but deciding on the right name is crucial.

You don’t want to be 6 months in and realise that it was the wrong feel or two years down the track and discover it doesn’t fit where your business is heading.

To get started, write out a list of all the words that ‘speak’ to you and reflect the style and feel you are aiming for. While they might not be specific to your industry as such, thinking of words like ‘modern’, ‘fresh’, ‘luxe’, ‘indulge’ and ‘pure’ all manage to paint a particular picture. Play around with words that speak to you and you’ll be amazed with how many options you can come up with!

Next, it’s a good idea to run your fave option/s by a few close people to gauge their response. Don’t be upset or thrown off should they have constructive criticism. Take on any suggestions and you’ll end up with a top notch name!

Finally, it’s incredibly important to check that your name is available. Do a quick Google search and see what comes up. Make sure you try a few variables of your name in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to check if anyone else is doing something similar to you. You can also head to the ASIC website and check whether your business name has already been registered.


Your brand’s voice is integral to how people perceive you. Do you want to convey bright and bubbly? Sleek and professional?  Serious yet informative?

All things considered, your voice will be most effective when it feels authentic and natural to you. Whatever flows well will often be along the right track, however there are other ways to help you refine your voice to suit your market.

One of the simplest ways is to listen to your audience’s engagement. What words and vibe do they convey when they comment? Are they sophisticated or casual?

You can also gauge what they respond best to on your social media. Do you get the most love when you write a relatable story or a cheeky caption, or do you get more likes from a more serious issue?

Generally speaking, you should always keep your brand voice positive. A negative tone will never be as engaging or enticing to potential audiences. Furthermore, people are often looking for something to aspire towards; giving them inspirational, motivational and happy content will always track better than negativity.

Just like when picking your name, try thinking of three words that describe your brand voice. It gives you something to always revert back to in order to maintain a consistent voice.


How will you visually stand out? How do you want people to feel when they find you? Are you taking them back to your childhood? Are you conveying luxury and glamour? Everything from the style, colours, font and imagery plays an essential part in the image you convey to your audience/customers.

Brainstorm and create a vision board with a colour scheme that reflects what you’re trying to achieve. Then experiment with shapes, fonts, shapes and textures. Do you want a hint of gold in there somewhere? Perhaps you wish to incorporate an element of wood to reflect a rustic vibe?

Once you have decided upon your final look and feel, it’s time to implement this across any consumer touch point, from your social media to your business cards, your email signature to your website. Your brand should look the same across the board in order to remain recognisable to your audience.

Social Media:

There are so many platforms these days in which you can reach out to your consumers and where they can reach out and discover you! The likes of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, Twitter, Snapchat each have their own pros and cons, but it’s important to identify which of these platforms are going to be most effective and beneficial to you and your business.

Where are your target market focused? Are they likely to be forever scrolling on Instagram, or re-pinning blog posts on Pinterest? Are they avid tweeters or more the ‘sit back and watch videos for hours on end’ type? Do they want detailed content or quick, bite-sized portions?

Understanding this is key as it allows you to pick your most important platforms to access your target market and place all your time, energy and money into a strategic plan for them. When starting out, try to focus on a maximum of three social media platforms until you have the time and resources to maintain more;  it’s far better to produce smaller amounts of great content that’s relevant to your target market, rather than large volumes of poorly-planned and executed material to a less engaged audience.

Now find out how to use market research to boost your brand and then establish yourself on the market!

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