What is a Media Kit?

If you are a blogger, YouTuber or have a large online presence on the likes of Instagram, the chances are you will be asked for a Media Kit. If you haven’t already, it will come up in the future.

So what exactly is a Media Kit and why do you need one?

Think of a Media Kit as your blog’s resume – it’s everything a possible collaborator or partnership needs to know in order to assess whether your platform is the right fit for them.

What should your Media Kit include?

About the blog:

This is your chance to touch on what your site is and where it’s come from. Talk about the ultimate goal of the blog – is it to empower women? Is it the place to discover the latest make-up releases? This is where you highlight what your site/account is all about.

About you:

A quick bio about who you are helps a brand to assess whether you align with their aesthetic and values. Keep it short and succinct, highlighting your interests, passions and any relevant qualifications, achievements or area of expertise.

Your readership:

This is one of the most important things to include for possible partnerships. By providing them with both statistics on your audience (age, sex, location etc) as well as more personal insights such as what topics they love to read about, you can give them an idea of what kind of audience they would be marketing towards should they choose to collaborate with you.

Social stats:

Brands know that it is not always about one platform any more, so showing them what kind of reach you have across the board is hugely beneficial. Include your stats from the social media platforms you use (such as Instagram and Facebook). Keep your details relevant; if you barely use your Twitter account then there is little benefit in including it on your Media Kit.

Ways to collaborate:

Let brands know ways in which they can work with you such as sponsored posts, banner ads or becoming a Brand Ambassador. You might also provide ‘packs’ which discloses the price of your services eg. 2 sponsored posts for $500.

You can also include previous collaborations if you have worked with brands in the past; this assures people that you have experience working with brands and are reliable and professional.

Check out a sample Media Kit below!

What Is a Media Kit?

Extra Tips:

+ Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of sharing your stats if you haven’t expanded yet. A collaborator should also be assessing whether your content is of quality and a good fit with their brand – not just how many followers you have! Why not add in a statistic that shows your growth rate? Letting them know that your blog has experienced a 200% increase in Unique Views can demonstrate that your small blog is quickly expanding!

+ Incorporate your aesthetic – your Media Kit should be a reflection of your site. Include imagery, colours and shapes that define your own brand. Not only will it look aesthetically pleasing and professional, it will also convey who you are at a quick glance.

+ Convert it to PDF – even if you created your own Media Kit using Microsoft Word, you should convert it to a format that anyone can open and read. A PDF file is possibly the most universal and will mean that anyone can use it regardless of whether they are on a Mac or a PC.

+ Keep it updated – you Media Kit should always reveal relevant and up to date information. It’s best to provide statistics from the range of one month. That gives a good snapshot of what kind views you are getting, without stretching on too long. As a rule, the longer the time period covered, the less impressive your stats will begin to look!

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