Bright Pink Lipstick Day at TACB

This week TACB celebrated Bright Pink Lipstick Day with our very own Pink Raffle.

Students gathered in our catwalk area with their Bright Pink Lipstick (for those who weren’t sitting assessments!) and generously donated their coins and notes for Pink Hope’s fantastic campaign.


Pink Hope is an organisation which focuses on the prevention of cancer through education and discussion.  It assists in providing information, guidance and emotional support to, not only women but the general population, and encourages people to assess, understand and reduce their own risk of cancer.


Bright Pink Lipstick Day is an annual campaign established by Pink Hope which hopes to open up dialogue between family members, so that we are each aware of our family health history. Genetics can play a part in your risk of cancer and being aware of what has occurred within your family can help you monitor your own health risks before anything might develop.


TACB held a Bright Pink Lipstick Day raffle fundraiser which included three Pink Prize Packs! The lucky three winners received a BeautyBlender Pink Posse, a LUSH Think Pink bath bomb and the official #BrightPinkLipstickDay Shanghai Suzy lipstick in Raspberry.

We love seeing our students and staff get together for a great cause!

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