TACB Staff Profile: Jackson Roberts, Make-up Trainer 

Jackson Roberts, Make-up Trainer

Who is he?

Having started in the industry at the young age of 15, Jackson has been a make-up artist for 6 years. He has covered many aspect of the make-up industry including bridal, runway, editorial and short films. It was bridal that Jackson fell in love with early on and that has remained his primary focus.

What lead you to become a Make-up Artist?

As I was growing up, I always loved doing art throughout school. This taught me to see the art and beauty in all aspects of life and creativity.

Once I moved from the country to Newcastle, make-up piqued my interest more and more. As my curiosity grew, it led me to complete a beauty course which included a unit of make-up in it. After completing the beauty course, I soon realised make-up was my true passion and that’s when I began to follow it as a career.

What do you find most exciting about your work?

I love being able to transform people into their best self by enhancing their natural beauty. Being able to travel and experience the world with my career is also up there!

I also find it so exciting to be able to turn up to a job that may be completely different to what I was doing the day before. I continuously have butterflies before each and every new job, which serves as a reminder that I’m doing the job that I love.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Being able to finish a job and know that you have brightened and made the most out of a client’s day. Seeing the happiness flowing from them brings a great sense of satisfaction. Also, being able to see your work walk down the runway or in a magazine can really make you feel incredibly happy and proud of what you can achieve.

What is your most memorable moment in the industry?

I have done many exciting things throughout my career from some absolutely beautiful weddings to securing major campaigns. A big milestone has been becoming a make-up trainer for the Australasian College Broadway. I am so lucky that I am able to pass on my knowledge and share my passion with my students every day.

What are your top three tips to somebody looking to get into the industry?

Firstly, enrol in a Diploma course. This is the fastest route to obtaining industry knowledge and contacts.

Also, starting off in a retail makeup environment is a great way to build your experience and confidence with all types of clients. It also helps you to build up your kit and a client base.

Once you’ve reached a comfortable level in your make-up skills, start to directly contact your favourite artists to see if they are willing to let you assist them. This will give you first hand experience on shoots, backstage or on set.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Never be too confident in what you do. Always be willing to grow, learn and listen to suggestions. This will ensure you’re being the best artist that you can be.

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