Five Beauty Apps to Get On Your Phone Now

With technology the way of the world now, it’s no surprise that we can get an app for anything on our smart phone!

From everything to virtual make-up trials to getting your beauty sleep, we had to share our fave beauty apps for you to enjoy as well!

Think Dirty:

This app is a must for anyone who is interested in, or unsure of what’s in their skincare. The app allows you to scan the barcode of your product or search for it manually. It then ranks your product from one to ten on its ‘Dirty Meter’ in terms of its ingredients. It helps you to choose products that are greener and kinder to your skin. With the organic skincare movement really pushing forward, this app is a lifesaver to those who just aren’t sure what they’re ready on the labels, but want to make a more educated decision on what they put on their body.

Cast Beauty:

This app might just be a girl’s best friend. It provides you with a weather forecast like no other! The app works much like your average weather app by listing the minimum and maximum temperature, as well as what the weather feels like outside, how much wind, rain etc. But it then goes one step further by recommending the products and tools which will best suit you on that day. Simply download the app and fill in your profile according to your hair type, skin type and beauty concerns and it does the guess work for you! At the moment the app is American based so it lists the temperature in Fahrenheit, but here in Oz we can still use it for beauty recommendations!

Sleep by MotionX:

We need our beauty sleep. In fact, a good sleep routine is crucial for a healthy functioning body that includes skin and hair! This app helps you to track your sleeping routine in order to get to know your sleeping habits and improve them. It also has handy hints on how to prepare for bed to better your chances of a good night’s sleep!

L’Oreal Makeup Genius:

This really is genius. L’Oreal have created an app where you can literally ‘try on’ their make-up products in real time. You don’t even need to snap a picture – it works like a virtual mirror where you use the front camera of your phone! You can try on different shades of the one product and even recreate looks that you’ve seen on celebrity red carpets!


There’s one simple rule you will hear everyone bang on in the beauty world – drink more water. We all know that we should be aiming for our 8 glasses a day, but the majority of us don’t reach our goal. iDrated helps you track your water intake and monitors how often we drink. It also send you reminders so you don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day. If you’ve wanted to get into the habit of drinking water more regularly throughout the day, an app like this can help you develop a routine that sticks.


Image Source: Think Dirty

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