How to Wear White Nails

If there’s one trend we are wholly embracing during these warmer months, it’s got to be white nails!

However, there is definitely more to it than just slapping on a coat of white over your digits and hoping for the best! Anyone can rock this look, you just need to follow these simple tips!

Pick your hue:

As funny as it sounds, there is more than one shade of white! Knowing which one will complement your skin tone is key to make or breaking your look. For example, if you have developed a strong tan or have natural olive skin, a pure white will contrast beautifully and look crisp and fresh. If you have a pale or pink toned complexion, you might find a flat white is not as flattering as a sheer or satin finish; it will still look bright but won’t be as harsh again your skin tone.


Image Source: Blome Blowdry Bar

The shape matters:

With a colour as stark as white, a trimmed and well-filed nail can often be the most flattering length. A slightly rounded or ‘squoval’ shape looks neat and fresh without going OTT. If you don’t want to part with your long nails, just be sure the shape and ends are well maintained and rounded to soften the look a little.

Wearing white nails.JPG

Image Source: Beauty First NE

Prep the nail:

So many people skip the base coat when applying polish, especially when they are using a lighter shade. Most believe it’s only necessary to stop a dark colour from staining their nail but this is far from the truth! A base coat also helps a polish to apply evenly with less streaks – which a white is prone to do!

Don’t rush it:

Apply in thin even layers and allow to dry completely before moving on to the next. This might seem like it takes more time but it will let you build up the colour with less chance of smudging or looking messy. As white is less forgiving than some other colours, it’s important to stay within the lines and avoid painting all the way to the cuticle. If you struggle with this, try taking a cotton tip with a thin layer of Vaseline and apply along the cuticle edge of your nail. This will help you easily remove any polish that went a little too close and keep your mani looking fresh and crisp!

Would you opt for a white mani this season?

Main Image Source: Sincerely Jules

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