Strawberry Face Mask for Spring

If there’s one thing that has us excited for the weekend, it’s the possibility of whipping up this lush and effective (not to mention delicious) face mask inspired by Spring!

It has the moisturising benefits of cream, the healing benefits of honey but the star of the show is strawberry!

This little fruit is a much-loved staple for many in the warmer months but not everyone realises just how many ways it can benefit your skin! We thought we’d break it down for you so you can use it to target your own skin concerns too!

Strawberry is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C, salicylic and ellagic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid and folate. What does that mean for your skin? Let’s find out!

Vitamin C – protects the skin from free radicals and helps to fight acne.

Salicylic Acid – exfoliates and is used as a common ingredient to fight acne.

Ellagic Acid – an anti-oxidant which also helps to heal damaged skin.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid – fights premature ageing by fighting free radicals while also helping to lighten age spots and acne scars.

Folate – promotes cell regeneration for youthful, glowing skin.

Do we need any more reasons to stock up on strawberries this season?

Try out our homemade Strawberry Face Mask recipe below!

Strawberry Mask-01.jpg


Main Image Source: The Little Alchemist


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