Five Reasons Watermelon Should Be Your Summer Fruit of Choice


From beach days and glowing skin, to sunnies and sandals, we can’t help but get excited for the warmer weather to come! Yet there’s one thing which has remained a Summer staple year in, year out.

A juicy slice of watermelon on a Summer afternoon.

While the taste and smell is enough reason alone to get on board the watermelon train, we did some research and it turns out there is more to the fruit than just sweet tasting water.

We’ve got our top five reasons watermelon should be your healthy fruit of choice this season.

  1. It’s really good at hydrating.

Yes, we know it’s full of water (approximately 92% water as a matter of fact). However, watermelon is also full of good electrolytes which can help hydrate your body as well.

  1. It’s chock full of anti-oxidants.

While watermelon contains numerous anti-oxidants, the one we’re excited about is called lycopene. This is known to be in tomatoes and holds great promise in reducing risk of cancer and promoting heart health. On top of that, lycopene has also been found to be an anti-inflammatory which works well in reducing systemic inflammation brought on by the likes of stress, smoking, pollution and disease.

  1. It can heal from the inside out.

Watermelon has been found to host an incredibly high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. The former is fantastic at maintaining your skin and hair’s hydration levels as well as encouraging the development of collagen and elastin cells. The latter, vitamin C, aids the immune system and is essential in the formation of new connective tissue. The two of these factors combined can help you achieve healthier, glowing skin!

  1. It suits a less acidic diet.

More and more of us are discovering just how acidic our diets are. While a good balance is essential, the pH level of human blood ought to sit at slightly more alkaline. With that in mind, watermelon is an alkaline-forming fruit. Some acidic-forming foods which you might find in your diet include meat, dairy and eggs. Switching to a more alkaline diet can help reduce the risk of disease and illness that stems from a highly acidic diet.

  1. It’s the ultimate snack.

Not only is watermelon full of fiber (to help the digestive track and keep you regular), it’s also completely fat-free, and contains very few calories. In fact, with roughly 40 calories per cup of diced watermelon, it’s an incredibly light and healthy way to snack!

Do you need more convincing? We didn’t think so!

If you’re looking for the ultimate Summer treat, go no further than the humble watermelon.

Better yet, dice some up and throw it in the freezer for an even more refreshing take on a plain and simple hot-weather favourite!


Image Credit: Live Pure Jenna

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