Six Skincare Books Every Beauty Buff Should Have On Their Shelf

Earlier in the year, we wrote about six books that any make-up lover should have.

While make-up can be transformative and an art form in its own right, the fact is that make-up can only be as good as the skin beneath it. Ask any industry professional, be they make-up artists, aestheticians or skincare consultants, and they will tell you that a good knowledge of skincare and what your own skin needs is fundamental to getting the ultimate base, with or without make-up!

So today we’re looking at our top six books that cover the beauty spectrum to help in our quest for gorgeous, glowing and healthy skin!

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The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho

Korean beauty has been taking the Western world by storm as more and more Korean products are finding their way into our market and beauty routines. Charlotte Cho, co-founder of leading Korean beauty website Soko Glam, aesthetician and leading voice on all things in Korean beauty, has penned this guide to share some of South Korea’s best beauty secrets.

Covering the famous Korean 10-step beauty routine (putting our three-step process to shame!) Charlotte shows how skincare in Korea is a process to be enjoyed and indulged in (rather than a necessary chore). Beautiful skin in Korea is considered to be ‘true beauty’ and so the philosophy really is ‘skincare first’.

Cho includes lots of illustrated guides and advice from some of Korea’s top dermatologists on issues such as acne, dark circles, blackheads, wrinkles and oily and dry skin types.

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Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster Blake

If you’re unfamiliar with Zoe Foster Blake, former beauty editor for Harper’s BAZAAR and Cosmopolitan magazine, founder of Go-To Skincare and author of this beauty guide, she’s about to become your new best friend. Zoe’s writing literally makes you feel as though you are chatting to a good friend over a latte. Her hilarious side notes and practical, relatable advice is everything you could need.

Amazinger Face covers everything from skincare routines and products for all age groups and skin types, through to make-up hacks and hair tricks for when you want to get away with one more day before washing.

This is the go-to beginner’s guide to everything beauty related.

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French Complexion: The Secrets to Beautiful Skin at Any Age by Christine Clais

With over 20 years of hands on experience, French facialist and skincare expert Christine Clais has brought all of her knowledge and advice together in this beautiful book that could easily sit on your coffee table as well!

Clais provides simple and easy to follow skincare steps, as well as her top product recommendations in this insight into French beauty. It’s a fantastic go-to guide and resource to anyone wanting to learn more about their skin, its needs, and how to improve their own complexion, as well as anti-ageing methods that don’t require going under the knife!

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Skin Secrets: How to Have Naturally Healthy, Beautiful Skin by Liz Earle

Having developed something of a cult skincare brand, Liz Earle has put all of her expertise into this informative and practical guide for a more natural take on skincare. She looks at skincare as a long term strategy with a holistic approach rather than just a quick fix.

With easy to understand info regarding how the skin works, which products are best and how to use them, the best botanical ingredients (from which her skincare range is formulated) and advice on skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Skin Care Secrets also provides some easy recipes and even suggested exercises to help with skin health. Not to mention a very handy glossary on all those terms you read but never fully understand and an easy shopping guide.

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Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

Hughes made a name for herself as a beauty journalist in her column in British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ after working as a make-up assistant for the likes of George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys and Belinda Carlisle. With well over 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, she shares her wisdom and advice in this overall beauty guide.

It’s been described as ‘part instruction manual, part love letter to makeup’, Pretty Honest looks at the transformative power of make-up. It covers everything from skincare in your teenage years to catering for a mature beauty regime. From Botox to understanding good skin health, all the way through to make-up for brides, it’s a one stop shop for easily digestible info on the world of beauty.

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Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe

Finally, we know that beauty starts from the inside out, making this book all about nutrition for your skin a must-have for any and every beauty junkie. With 70+ recipes to feed your skin, Rowe breaks down what each ingredient is doing for you and your skin and how they can target different skin concerns.

Not only are there delicious recipes for meals and snacks, but also some beautiful homemade masks, cleansers, toners, scrubs and face mists. Rowe touches on what foods you should be avoiding, as well as embracing, according to your skin type.

Eat Beautiful is divided into seasons making it easy to jump in whenever you need some inspiration, or, as Sienna Miller suggests in her foreword for the book, you can use it as a year-round plan.

Do you agree with our list? What are your must-have skincare and beauty books?

Main Image Credit: V Beauty Studio

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