Christmas Party Beauty Essentials

With so many parties and events at this time of year, these are the festive season beauty essentials you should be repping for the holidays!


While gold has been the age-old metallic of choice at Christmas-time, we are loving the range of options available these days! From coppers and bronze, rich burgundy and even pearlescent shades, there’s so many ways to rock the metallic look this holiday period.

Berry lip:

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip but for a slightly more sophisticated look this year, why not opt for a deep berry red? With its beautiful, yet slightly vampy style, it’s a colour that will add intrigue and elegance to your festive look.

Instant tan:

Here in Australia we celebrate Christmas in one of the warmest months of the year; why wouldn’t we embrace the Summer months and add some warmth and glow to our look? If you’re short on time and have a celebration to get to, try an instant tan. You can quickly apply it to the areas you need without worrying about development time. We love the Loving Tan Deluxe Body Make-up as it’s water-resistant and long-wearing, meaning you can party through the day and night without the concern of patches or streak marks!


Is there any better time of the year to rock those long fluttering lashes? No need to go overboard for Christmas, this year we’re loving simple, natural looking lashes which define the eye. Try the ModelRock ‘Flirtatious Flutter’ lashes or the Eyelure Individual lashes which come in short, medium and long.

Setting spray:

Warmer nights and party vibes can lead to make-up wearing off faster than we’d like. To keep your look fresh and long-wearing, be sure to use a setting spray before heading off to celebrate. The Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ is our pick for the festive season.

Blotting Paper:

Just in case all of your prep work still makes way for a little shine to appear, it’s handy to keep some blotting paper in your bag for Summer evenings. They don’t take up space and can easily get your base looking photo-ready again in no time.

Cleansing balm:

When it comes to the busy end of year period, the one thing that tends to suffer most is our skincare routine. Simplify your make-up removal and skincare routine with a cleansing balm. These products melt away any make-up (even mascara) for a quick and easy removal. Then it’s as simple as adding a little moisturiser and crawling into bed!

What are your festive beauty essentials? Share them with us below!


Image Credit: Karissa Pukis

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