What is a Media Kit?

If you are a blogger, YouTuber or have a large online presence on the likes of Instagram, the chances are you will be asked for a Media Kit. If you haven’t already, it will come up in the future.

So what exactly is a Media Kit and why do you need one? Read More

Networking for Your Business

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you the importance of networking. When it comes to growing your start-up, there is nothing like a leg up from a like-minded business founder.

If you are looking to network but have no idea how, we’ve got you covered with our top five tips to build the right relationships in your industry. Read More

How to Build a Bold Brand

If someone were to see your content without your logo next to it, would they know it’s your brand?

How recognisable are you?

How well do people discover, perceive and, ultimately, remember you?

It all comes down to how you develop your brand and this involves careful consideration when it comes to the voice, name, image and social presence of your company or service. Read More

The Power of your Pitch

Whether you are building a professional network, looking for funding or expanding your client base, your business pitch is one of the most essential tools for success. Read More

How Market Research Can Help Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes any entrepreneur can make when first starting out is to assume that they know exactly what their consumers want without stopping to ask them at all.

To stop and take the time to get to know your target market from the get-go can not only help propel you ahead, it can save you time and money as you avoid going down the wrong road! Read More

Establishing Your Brand on the Market

Once you have developed and know your brand identity, the next step is getting it out there and recognisable on the market.

While this can come slowly for some and seemingly at light-speed for others, there are key steps you can take to ensure you are implementing and establishing your brand down every avenue. Read More

Instagram Business Advice from a Social Media Specialist

With social media being such an important component to any modern-day business’ success, we went straight to TACB’s Social Media Specialist, Connie, to discover how and why we should be using Instagram for a start-up or existing business.

Connie says it’s all about connecting to your audience visually and developing a strong brand awareness. Read More

Snapchat Business Advice from a Social Media Specialist

With rapid growth and visibility, Snapchat is fast becoming a strong social media channel to utilise in your business’ marketing strategy. TACB’s Social Media Specialist, Connie, shares her thoughts on why it’s worth developing your audience on the up-and-coming platform. Read More

Dealing With Negative Reviews

With your business online, you can find yourself spread across multiple platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs. Unfortunately, that means you are also open to criticism, making it easy for disgruntled customers to leave negative reviews/ feedback.

We have some tips to help you deal with any negativity you might receive on the World Wide Web. Read More